BAIER solutions for special applications

Automatic, economic and precise milling

There are milling tasks that cost a lot of time, effort and money, require high accuracy or endanger health. For exactly these situations, BAIER has developed special solutions to enable PROFESSIONALS to do their work more effectively. The patented track system BRS 514 with its precise guidance for human-free milling on ceilings, walls and the ground is one such example. It finds use, amongst other applications, with contaminated concrete in the dismantling of nuclear power plants.

The floor milling system BDN 511 combines a diamond miller with a carriage. In this manner, even large, and the hardest of floor surfaces can be removed with ease, speed and simplicity.

BRS 512, 513, 514

Track system with precise guiding for human-free milling of ceilings, walls and floor.

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BDN 511 – close to the wall

Diamond channel cutter with 11 diamond cutting blades for ridgeless milling up to 50 mm wide and 25 mm deep.

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